The first C30 is available since 2006 and it is about time for Volvo to make a facelift of this hot hatchback. The main changes can be noticed at the front of the car. New headlamps and new more aggressive front bumper underline the sporty look of the 3 door C30. The car received larger iron mark and air intake. The grille has a new pattern used only for the C30. The contours are wavier and more dynamic than before. The black plastic panels have been replaced with more body colour lower down, in the same or a contrasting colour, to forge a closer visual contact between the car and the road surface.

The new Volvo C30 also offers a range of new interior options. You can now choose a new colour combination known as Espresso/Blond, which is a dark brown upper section and a blond, fresh shade on the lower door sides.

The facelift of Volvo C30 is not only a little refashioned exterior and interior. The engineers took care about the chassis. The new optional sport chassis for the Volvo C30 is considerably sharper, with stiffer, more distinct properties than previously.

The C30 also receive a start/stop function, which helps you save fuel, when the car is standstill. This option is available for Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe and the consumption is lowered to 3.9l/100km and emissions as low as 104g/km of CO2.

The new C30 is probable to be one of the best in it's class.

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