2016 3DDesign BMW M5Carbonfiber Dynamics, Europe's largest distributor of exclusive carbon parts proudly shows its latest creation: the BMW F10 M5. What is so special about this sweetie is that it showcases the highest stage of evolution in the world of carbon-fiber technology. Sounds coo to me.

So, what do we got here? A pack with front lip, side sills, diffuser and spoiler all created exclusively by 3DDesign in Japan. As you know, 3DDesign is well known among BMW circles as one of the most capable and famous tuning brands. The designers put perfection and precision as their main goals and did not disappoint: especially in collaboration with Carbonfiber Dynamics.

2016 3DDesign BMW M5

Geared with 21-inch exclusive rims by Vossen and with a special and ugly Fire Orange finish, the M5 will not remain unseen on the streets. Also, it surprises with the incredibly powerful power unit: with some additional modifications, the driver will be dealing with a 830hp (610kW) and some fearsome road capabilities.

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And the best part? Well, the whole upgrade pack is available not only with M5 lineup, but also with M4 and M6! How cool is that?

2016 3DDesign BMW M5

Honestly, we do like it. Not only for the enhanced power and drivetrain capabilities, but also because of the impeccable styling: we like the aggressive BMW lines and we do relish those lines blended with the ideas of some mastermind designers. So, what do you think? Write down in the comment section below!

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