ABT TT RS is a unique and special car in both, history and future aspect. A sports coupe with five cylinders, four wheel drive and plenty of power under the hood. Remember that combination?
Well....if NO, i will tell you. That was the same description as the original "ur-Quattro", the sports coupe caused a furore around 30 years ago. Hans-Jurgen – the general manager of ABT said "The TT-RS brings this magical combination back on the road."

The ABT TT RS is equipped with fully-charged 5-cylinder engine which provides optimum power - 420 HP (309kW). Thanks to the ABT POWER system (charge air cooler and optimisation of the engine electronics), 80 HP (59 kW) more is put to work. The maximum speed is electronically regulated to 282 km/h and the classic zero to 100 km/h sprint lasts only 4.3 seconds.

An ABT TT-RS is therefore able to keep up with the quickest of the quick at all times or even pass them by. Precisely what the ur-Quattro from ABT was also able to do. There is, however, one difference between then and now: contrary to the classic from the 80s the TT-RS is not just available as a sports coupe, but also as a cool roadster.

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