Alpine Celebration is an unique and stylish vehicle, which was released as part of the 60th anniversary of the brand, founded by Jean Rédélé. The surprising comeback is here on the eve of the 82rd edition of the world's toughest race Le Mans 24-Hours!

The race itself attracts more than 250,000 motor racing fans, which makes it one of the most popular and most anticipated event in the motor sport world. As you know, the event blends sports, human abilities and technology since 1923. And now there are more than 80 million TV viewers from nearly 200 countries and about 3 million followers of the website and the social media.

And this is why Alpine's unveiling needs to be classy and worthy for all the fans of the event.

The vehicle's idea is influenced by all the Alpine's motorsport heritage. The Celebration model is a stylish two-seater coupe, that demonstrates some elegant lines with deep blue color scheme. In fact, this is the same blue painting, that had and the Alpine prototypes, that won the race back in 2013.

The Alpine Celebration manages to remind everyone the wonderful style of Alpines, but at the same time adds and some modern features, that make it really elegant. In fact, the low profile, sloping, creased bonnet, sculpted sides and distinctive rear window are clearly inspired by models line the A110.

As we all can see, the beauty and style of the Celebration model rely on the simplicity. The vehicle demonstrates a lot of things about brand's heritage. It comes with familiar style, but somehow twisted with a modern manner. The carbon details underline the high-tech components of the car, while the front spoiler, the side sill and the rear air intakes demonstrate confidence and determination.

The seemingly floating spoiler expresses strength and confidence, while the sharp lines and the mirrors tell a story of dynamics and flexibility. And of course, there is the well-known Alpine arrowed "A", visible on the air intake grille, sides and roof.

With incredible style and significance, the Alpine Celebration has really a lot to demonstrate.

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