AmericanTrucks' (AT) throttle enhancement modifications tech guide now includes a video tutorial aimed at 2009 - 2018 V8 Silverado 1500 owners looking to boost their truck's throttle response and acceleration. Hosted by AT's Adam Maqboul, the new video offers a detailed review and installation of the Injen X-Pedal Pro Throttle Controller, a simple plug-in design equipped with 9 sport modes, 7 eco modes, plus a couple of hidden modes.

The video begins with an overview of the Injen X-Pedal Pro Throttle Controller showing the installed unit mounted inconspicuously right next to the steering column. As Adam explains, this device is ideal for those "looking to eliminate the sluggish feel of their Silverado….by reducing the delay in time between hitting the gas pedal and your truck getting off the line." Adam helps the viewer understand the specific features and benefits of the multiple sport, eco, and hidden modes. Unlike other throttle control units, theInjen X-Pedal Pro mounts in 30 minutes start-to-finish using only 3M tape. With nothing to uninstall, Adam begins the walk-through of the entire process offering expert tips along the way. The video ends with the activation of the device, covering all the basics like how to set each mode and how to switch between them.

AT's comprehensive tech guide gives customers the know-how needed to understand the ins and outs of Silverado throttle enhancement modifications. With the addition of the video, the tech guide is the go-to resource for Silverado owners looking to customize their truck's performance with confidence.

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