AmericanTrucks (AT) introduces a new video to their exhaust tech guide empowering F150 owners in the market for a new exhaust system. Used along with their detailed product pages, this new video provides a visual guide with professional advice that's easy to follow.

Hosted by AT's Justin Dugan, the video begins with an outline of all the resources available on As Justin explains, this includes "...industry leading exhaust videos to help you see and most importantly hear a system before pulling the trigger." F150 owners can check out the top 3 options for any given generation or engine type, or go ahead and browse the "wide selection of systems ranging from mild to wild and everything in between." Justin concludes the brief exhaust breakdown with four key considerations before directing customers to the tech guide for even more detailed information.

With the addition of the new video, AT's exhaust tech guide delivers on its promise to provide everything customers need to know about F150 exhaust systems. This go-to resource supports customers looking to upgrade their truck's sound profile and performance.