Aston Martin DBX Concept Side ViewSpeaking of Aston Martins, have you seen the DBX Concept already? Or have you missed it somewhere along the way? Well, the news about it is that it has made an appearance this weekend at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, which took place at the shores of Lake Como in Italy. With its bold and purely Aston Martin design, the concept car aims to battle conventional thinking about luxury and GT traveling.

The vehicle was actually premiered at the Geneva Motor Show this March, where it gathered a lot of appraisals and superb comments. All in all, the car promises to make luxury GT travel even more stylish and comfortable than ever before. Well, it might also add more practicality, family-and eco-friendliness.

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DBX Concept also showcases the evolution in company's design philosophy through its cutting edge engineering. The car has the capability of accommodating four adults in perfect comfort. What is more, it can be also used everyday, because its design is more practical than other cars in company's range of vehicles.


The metal work throughout the exterior emphasizes Aston Martin's approach of using authentic materials. It is actually made of machined billet aluminium, which features visible milling lines that are made with the intent to be seen as the car's jewellery.

The exterior paint finish is also one-off. Called Black Pearl Chromium, it has been specifically created to mimic the look of a genuine black pearl. It is made of micro-fine layer of chrome that delivers a level of reflectivity.

Active LEDs light-up the way of this concept, while the rearview mirrors have been substituted with rear view cameras.


Inside, the car features exclusive materials that aren't typical for the automotive standards. They create soft and cocooning ambience. To be more precise, the materials used inside feature Nubuck leather, sandwiched accent layer, gold ‘pin striping' element on the edging and more.


The car runs on pure electricity, which makes it definitely eco-friendly. It is actually driven by electric motors that are powered by lithium sulphur cells. Unfortunately, there are no details regarding the power output of the model, or any performance figures released so far.

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