2020 Automobile Driving The insidious Covid-19 is affecting the lives of everyone, including car users who are feeling anxious about their car payment plan. Many people are losing their jobs while others are facing pay-cut problems. In that situation, companies like Palmer Administrative services are offering a sigh of relief to their customers through some customized auto protection plans. Create a plan that suits your budget and your current financial situation. There is no need to ride on a bicycle and give away your smooth car ride experience, just because you can't afford to make a monthly plan. Try to find a better way with Palmer Protection Plans.

In March 2020, car sales across all regional markets of the USA dropped down to the lowest level. The reason behind that meager rate of sales was the announcement made by the government, "Stay Safe, Stay at Home." Things were pretty bad for the automakers in March 2020 as people were afraid to leave their homes. However, the sales graph started piling up from the first two weeks of April 2020. By the end of April, it has been stabilized, making experts believe that the impact of COVID-19 on the auto industry won't be as unfortunate as everyone was expecting.

In parts of the US, there have been some positive signs that show that the sale levels are going back to similar levels as it was before the virus outbreak. Comparing to the pre-virus sale level, Arizona experienced a drop of only 12 percent by the end of April 12. As far as the Miami region concerned, sales level reduced to 34 percent at the end of April while it was around 47 percent a week before. It means a boost of 13 percent in sales happened in only two weeks.

Two epicenters of Coronavirus in the USA are New York and Detroit. The situation was worse at the start of the virus outbreak; auto industry sales dropped to 80 percent in New York and 98 percent in Detroit at the end of the week on April 12. However, a recovery in the sales graph happened, so New York sales dropped by 77 percent while that of Detroit was around 85 percent. It means that demand for the auto industry is coming back on the track.

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