There are plenty of reasons to lift or otherwise modify a 4WD truck, Jeep, or another vehicle. Custom lifts improve performance both on the highways and off-road and increase drivers' and riders' comfort. Plus, today's custom lifts and upgrades are actually relatively easy to install, so drivers can perform their own upgrades or find a shop that will do the work for them at affordable rates. Read on to find out about the best car custom lifts and upgrades in 2020 to see what other drivers are doing with their 4WD vehicles.

Remote Reservoir Shocks

Remote reservoir shock packages let drivers take their vehicles out on even the harshest terrain without worrying about performance or comfort. They make it easy for drivers to customize their rides by fine-tuning compression, rebound, and firmness. Plus, they're rebuildable, which means they can be serviced as needed to continue providing optimal performance. Drivers can learn more about this upgrade from Offroad Power Products.

Air Suspension Systems

Air suspension systems are adjustable lift kits designed to improve towing, handling, and ride comfort. Like remote reservoir shocks, they're adjustable. Air suspension systems are designed for larger trucks, not Jeeps and 4WD cars, though, which makes their applications somewhat limited.

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits work a little differently from custom suspension upgrades. They use spacers to raise the body of a truck, Jeep, or another 4WD vehicle above the frame without affecting the geometry of the power train or the steering. They cost less than suspension lifts but don't offer as much bang for the buck. They give vehicles more clearance but don't otherwise improve comfort, ride quality, or performance.

Skid Plates

Body protection is important for vehicles that will be taken off-road on dangerous terrain. For most 4WD vehicles, that means installing skid plates. Skid plates are designed to protect peripherals from damage while drivers are navigating difficult courses. In conjunction with other body protection features like pans and crossbody members, they also help to keep vehicles operating at optimal performance and prevent the need for isolating, repairing, and reintroducing parts each time a driver takes a hill at the wrong angle.

Bull Bars

Bull bars act as brush guards, protecting off-road vehicles from damage as drivers take poorly maintained trails or head off the grid entirely. Not all off-road enthusiasts use bull bars, but those who want to keep their front end peripherals working well and their vehicles looking great should consider this small investment. They're easy to install, so most drivers with even basic mechanical skills can perform this upgrade themselves.

Light Bars

Stock headlights may provide sufficient lighting for driving down well-lit roads, but they won't do the job when drivers are trying to navigate off-road trails and rough terrain. The ability to see what's going on after dark expands 4WD enthusiasts' abilities to engage in their favorite sport and helps to protect drivers, passengers, vehicles, and others from danger. A light bar can make the difference between getting stranded in the middle of nowhere and making it home safe and sound, so while these accessories may seem unimportant to normal drivers, they serve an essential, practical role for avid off-roaders.

The Bottom Line

Upgrading or customizing a vehicle is a great way to make off-roading safer and more fun no matter what type of 4WD truck, Jeep, or car is being used. Start with the basics like suspension lifts before adding accessories and further customizations.

Image Source: Google Images