2020 BMW iX3 The new BMW iX3, the production of which will commence in 2020, will feature an emission-free driving with comfortable everyday use. The vehicle will have a range of more than 440km within the legislative WLTP test cycle.

The BMW iX3 is yet a further milestone in the consistent realization of the BMW Group's electrification strategy. In 2020 the vehicle will become the brand's first model which is available both with conventional petrol and diesel engines, along with a plug-in hybrid and purely electric drive. With such wide choice, the brand is taking into account the numerous different requirements and needs of its worldwide customers.

This is the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology and it is the key to future-focused sustainability for vehicles with electrified drive systems. It is the result of consistent development work within the framework of BMW EfficientDynamics and the experience in the field of electric mobility. All engine components used for BMW eDrive technology are developed exclusively by BMW Group. Something more, the electric motor and the high-voltage batteries are produced in corporately owned manufacturing facilities. By doing so, the BMW Group ensures its influence over the products and the quality of each component.

This new fifth-generation technology comprises a drive unit with an electric motor, system electronics, and transmissions are brought into a central housing. As a result, the required installation space of the drive technology and its weigh are notably reduced. The ratio between motor output and weight of the drive system improves with a total of 30 percent, compared to previous models.

2020 BMW iX3

The electric motor featured in the vehicle delivers a maximum torque of 286hp and 400Nm of torque. A further special feature of the electric motor is the construction method that eliminates the need for rare earth materials. Furthermore, the engine transfers power to the rear wheels. Not only this contributes to the overall sporty spirit of the vehicle but it also increases the overall efficiency. Moreover, the range of the BMW iX3 benefits from the drive design conveying the traditional BMW rear-wheel-drive experience.

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The high-voltage battery is an integral part of BMW's fifth eDrive generation and is based on the NMC-811 technology in BMW's typical prismatic design. The BMW Group has outstanding development capabilities in the field and ensures precise specs with regard to the use of materials and battery design. At the same time, BMW engineers were able to reduce the share of cobalt contained in the battery by an additional two thirds. Compared to the former technology, the fifth-generation comes with a gravimetric energy density that is around 20 percent higher.

In addition, the compact design has been further optimized. The battery cells are grouped into modules at specialized BMW production locations and finally assembled as a high-voltage battery unit, which is then placed at the floor of the iX3. It is because of this arrangement that there is no loss of space for passengers and luggage compartment.

2020 BMW iX3

Source: BMW