2020-BMW-X1-Xdrive-910BMW Group's ongoing commitment to electrified technology is exemplified in its new electrified drivetrains. Thanks to the recent advances in battery cell technology, new BMW PHEVs extend their possibilities if locally emissions-free driving.

The plug-in hybrid system of the new BMW X1 xDrive 25e and the new BMW X2 xDrive25e consists of a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder petrol unit with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology and an electric drive especially created for this particular model. The petrol unit has a peak output of 125hp and maximum torque of 220Nm and is mated to a 6-speed Steptronic gearbox and drives the front wheels. At the same time, the electric motor generates an output of 95hp and 165Nm of torque to the rear wheels via a single-speed gearbox.

Together, the combustion engine and the electric motor generate these massive 220hp. The maximum torque of both units is measured at 385Nm. This means that the new BMW X1 xDrive25e accelerates from 0 to 63mph in 6.9 seconds, while BMW X2 xDrive25e does the same in 6.8 seconds. Additionally, the electric boost provided by the hybrid systems ensures a top speed of 121mph for both models.

The position of the high-voltage battery underneath the rear seat leads to a low center of gravity, which optimizes the agility of both models and ensures larger luggage compartment with a capacity of 450 liters. There's also a trailer tow hitch with a detachable ball for the BMW X1 xDrive25e, with a maximum trailer load of 750 kilograms.

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Furthermore, new BMW X1 xDrive25e and BMW X2 xDrive25e feature acoustic pedestrian protection as a standard feature. When driving electrically at low speeds, the system makes an unmistakable sound that alerts other road users to the approaching car without impairing the comfort of the occupants. Additionally, the standard equipment for both models includes 17-inch alloy wheels, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, sporty seats and LED headlights.

Source: BMW