2020 BMW X3 xDriveBMW X3 xDrive30e is the third Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) in brand's current range to feature a plug-in hybrid drive and power transmission to all four wheels. Such a combination offers boosted versatility and rewarding electric driving experience. This system, along with the 4-cylinder combustion engine that provides a total of 292hp reduce the total fuel consumption to a level between 2.4 and 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

Furthermore, the new BMW X3 xDrive30e will be produced from December 2019 onwards at the BMW plant in Spartanburg, USA. The world debut is planned for Spring, 2020. This is also the first model to be offered with both a conventional combustion engine and a plug-in hybrid system – with a purely electronically powered model variant that will be added during the course of 2020.

2020 BMW X3 xDrive

Depending on the operating mode and situation on the road, the electric motor of the new BMW X3 xDrive30e can be used either for purely electric mobility or to support the combustion power unit. For example, when the MAX eDrive mode is engaged, the vehicle can achieve a top speed of 135km/h with emission-free and virtually silent drive unit. How cool is that?

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However, the environmental impact of the plug-in hybrid vehicle has been questioned since the unveiling of the first "green" machines. And this is why BMW Group conducted a full-cycle CO2 certificate for its latest family member – from the raw material procurement, the supply chain, production and the final phrase of recycling.

2020 BMW X3 xDrive

2020 BMW X3 xDrive

This means that the CO2 footprint of the new BMW x3 xDrive30e has managed to reduce its CO2 footprint with as much as 54 per cent in brand's own words.

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Source: BMW