BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé Concept has been unveiled after being teased more than ten days ago. The car is a joint work of two brands – BMW and Pininfarina which have blended in this concept cutting-edge technology, style, dynamics and aesthetics.

The vehicle will make its official debut at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2013. BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé represents the exclusive interpretation of a luxurious BMW Coupé as seen through the eyes of Pininfarina.

The coupe adds a new dimension to exclusivity and it grabs the attention at first glance. Liberal surface areas and taut contours are the characteristics of its elegant car body. It has the typical for BMW proportions – a long wheelbase, stretched bonnet and set-back greenhouse. In addition, the concept car exudes balance and harmony through the mixture of technologies, dynamics and skilled craftsmanship.

The front fascia of the vehicle has broad and wheel-focused stance which radiates sheer presence and dynamics. The emblematic double-kidney grille and the road-focused headlights with their suggested twin circular look is what connect the car with the BMW family. At the same time the distinctive Pininfarina elements have been interpreted with Italian finesse to lend the front end a special flair.

Another highlight is the LED-headlights that create technically premium impression while adding a striking depth. The sporty front apron, the one-piece air intake which is larger at the wheels, draws attention to the car's wide, sporty track.

When looked from the side, the BMW Gran Lusso Coupé Pininfarina Concept has a powerfully present silhouette. This is due to the taperings on the side that give a dynamic elegance and athletic shape to the body. The the long roof line flows elegantly into the rear to define the short tail end.

Many highlights accentuate the elegance of the side view such as the matt-sheen embellishment behind the front wheel, the Hofmeister kink, and the exclusively designed 21-inch wheels in matt-sheen aluminium, black and black chrome.

On the other hand the rear of the car has a sophisticated stance. The elongated side profile leads to a slender and elegant tail end. Striking horizontal elements imbue the entire rear end with a very broad, flat impression. Two elaborately shaped struts extend the roof pillar towards the rear. In addition, the tail lights which extend from the sides embrace the rear.

At the heart of the vehicle lies the V12 engine, but inside the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé can be found a contemporary take on classical values. In other words the interior is a fusion of modern elegance and authoritative dynamics. It is in special colour and is made of exclusive materials, includes geometrical details in the doors, centre console and dashboard binnacle – everything done by the Italian experts from Pininfarina.

The four-seater luxury coupe, in other words, offers ambience and comfort to the occupants to a great extend. Finest leather and kauri wood aged more than 48,000 years is used inside the cabin. Additionally, high-grade leather in black and a light shade of Tobacco Brown delivers warm ambience. The utilization of metal highlights in black chrome makes the perfect contrast to the extensive application of natural materials.

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Source: BMW