Sinful black or radiant silver? Now at AC Schnitzer, two beautiful wheel sisters in the Type VII series are competing passionately for the favour of drivers of BMW X5 and X6.

After the recent successful launch of the dark alloy wheel, the brightly shining version now rises fresh from the forging fire. Also in a powerful 22" size, and technically identical in structure, the new finish gives it a totally different appearance. In contrast to the black version which creates light-dark contrasts, it carries a totally silver outer skin. But whatever the colour, the three-piece Type VII is impressive not only by its sheer size but also it catches the observer's eye by a wealth of striking details.

AC Schnitzer Type 7

Yet the reduced base layout never makes the wheel appear over-dainty. The total of ten spoke pairs of the AC Schnitzer Type VII Racing Rim have alternating spread angles. The resulting gaps give a clear view of the background and draw the brake system into the overall visual impression. Here the two beautiful wheel sisters are united, as much as in the structure of their attractive bodies: both wheels have a high-strength forged centre star and a drawn outer bed.

AC Schnitzer Type 7

Vehicles: BMW X5 (E70) and X6 (E71)

Wheel type: Type VII

Wheel design: Three-piece

Production: Forged centre star, cast inner half channel, drawn outer bed

Dimensions: 10.0J x 22"ET 20

10.0J x 22"ET 30

11.5J x 22"ET 23

Versions: silver or black