The US general aviation aircraft industry is likely to see a major change in the near future as diesel engines are more than likely to replace traditional kerosene engines used today. In fact major makers of aircraft and aviation engines have already announced development of diesel engines that will be used in aircraft in the near future so the first diesel-powered airplanes are just around the corner.

The reason for the change is quite simple – diesel fuel and diesel engines have undisputed advantages when compared to kerosene and kerosene-fueled engines. These are the same reasons why diesel-powered vehicles exist in the first place. In a few words airplanes that have diesel engines will have lower fuel consumption, lead-free emissions, increased range and better performance at various altitudes, which are really serious improvements, welcomed by the general aviation industry.

Major aircraft makers such as Cessna and Continental Motors, American Champion Aircraft, Lycoming and DeltaHawk engines have already announced new diesel engines designed to power various types of aircraft.

The change to diesel fuel in the aircraft industry follows a clear trend in the US automotive industry that has started offering a number of diesel-powered cars in the United States where just 10 years ago virtually all cars sold featured gasoline engines. The reason for the change is simple – cleaner, more powerful and more fuel efficient engines than ever.

Source: Diesel Technology Forum