DMC-McLaren-MSO-MP4-651MSO or McLaren Special Operations produces company's finest products. One of them, the MSO MP4 has been refined by the luxury tuning specialists at DMC. The elegant styling and performance packages that they have created are in perfect harmony with the original MP4 design. They are made with materials such as carbon fiber (for the body kit), titanium (for the exhaust system), and exclusive Italian Leather (for the interior).

Although the front bumper could receive a front lip, DMC decided to leave it unchanged. However, they did add new side skirts which support the pressure between the axles. The rear of the car includes a rear diffuser that displays a revised tunnel set-up by adding 2 fins.

At the back we also see that the standard rear spoiler has been replaced with a light weight one. The rear wing together with the aero scoop on the roof creates a sense of perfection. It supports the aerodynamics, because the scoop is capable of directing the wind flow to the rear wing.

The performance is also supported by new forged alloy wheels in size of 20x8,5" at the front and 21x12" at the back. They were later fitted with P-Zero tyres of the dimensions 245/30r20 and 325/25r21.

This McLaren has also received an ECU performance package as well. It boosts the power of the supercar from 592 hp (435 kW) and 599 Nm (442 ft.lbs) to 660 hp (485 kW) and 680 Nm (502 ft.lbs) of torque. The package is rounded-out with the refinement of the interior which now sports new Italian fine leathers and carbon fiber treatment.

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 Source: DMC