2014 Avorza Dodge Ram 3500 Black & Red Edition by Alex Vega We have seen this vehicle circulating in the internet for a while, but it has been trading lately so we decided to show it to you once more. And it is definitely worth it because we have rarely seen projects like this and with so beautifully shot video which you can enjoy below (I am sure it will be a big pleasure).

As you can see this is a Dodge Ram 3500 and it has been dubbed Black & Red Edition. It is a product created by Alex Vega – The Auto Firm. This powerfully customized pick up seems to be carrying a bunch of additional styling enhancements that also hint towards boost in performance.

Unfortunately, the Ram comes with styling modifications only, meaning that it retains the power of its standard 6.7 liter inline-six Cummins diesel engine. In details, it produces 350 horsepower (260 kW) and 880 Nm (650 lb-ft), which is also impressive. This output is transferred onto the road via a six speed automatic that drives the all four wheels.

Although there is no information on the styling tweaks we can clearly see that the pick-up truck sports black metallic paint finish that has been accentuated by a lot red accents. Take a look for example at the red Ram badge at both ends, the band in the same color circulating around the massive two-tone wheels and the side signs.

It is also visible that the head lights received red highlights while the taillights have been blackened out. Low profile Pirellis are a must as is the fully-adjustable air suspension. We don't know whether the interior of this vehicle has been changed or not, so we leave this part of the tuning at the depths of your imagination. Any suggestions?

Video Source: YouTube

Soure: Alex Vega