As we all know, a female driver is disaster for some of us, for others it is a challenge and for Lincoln team it is a successful formula. According to recent analysis of IHS Automotive vehicle registration data, women are driving demand for brand's latest vehicle models. Furthermore, in the last decade, Lincoln registrations among women have increases with the incredible 45 per cent.

Women buyers grew more than 11 times since the last 10 years, which is twice of the overall luxury segment. This growth, understandingly reflects women's buying strength and overall increasing social status. Also, according to some recent researches, more than 9% of these women are university graduates with master's degree. Sweet.

So, what does all this mean for Lincoln brand?

It looks like girls demand more refined looks. We all know that the soft gender doesn't pay that much attention to technical specifications or performance rates, but loves the shiny and exclusive feel. Definitely driven by style and ambience, women are the new driving force in delivering improved and refined looks, combined with cozy interior ambience.

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So, what do you think about all this "girl stuff" thing? What would you girls prefer you vehicle offers? Write down in the comment section!

Source: Lincoln