2020 Fiat Panda and 500 Hybrid editions Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda will be the first FCA models to adopt the brand's new hybrid technology. 500 Mild Hybrid and Panda Mild Hybrid will make the system accessible to all and will arrive in UK showrooms in February and March 2020 respectively.

Both new entries will provide efficient and lightweight hybrid driving. And both will be available with a new petrol engine that blends the output of the latest 3-cylinder FireFly 1.0-liter power with a 12-volt BSG electric motor and lithium battery that delivers a total of 70hp.

Compared to the outgoing 1.2-liter 69hp petrol unit, the mild hybrid version improves fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions with up to 30 percent without impeding performance. It also ensures a high standard of driving comfort thanks to the BSG system, which allows a quiet and vibration-free ride.

The engine itself, the 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder has a peak output of 70hp at 6000rpm and peak torque of 92Nm at 3,500rpm. The cylinder head has two valves per cylinder and a single camshaft with continuous variable valve timing. This structure includes a compact combustion chamber, high-tumble intake ducts, and external Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Furthermore, the combustion engine is capable to switch off at speeds below 18mph.

500 Mild Hybrid and Panda Mild Hybrid ‘Launch Edition'

The special series will be recognized by the "Hybrid" logo on the rear and the exclusive "H" logo, formed by two dew drops, on the central panel. Additionally, there's a new and exclusive "Dew Green" exterior that suits both models with the themes of nature and innovation. The Launch Editions also feature interior components, comprised of recycled plastic.

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Fiat and Panda remain the Fiat icons that represent the urban mobility in Europe and now with the introduction of their hybrid variants, the popularity of both vehicles is expected to hit new heights.

Both Launch Editions can be ordered from January at Fiat retailers and the first deliveries will arrive in the first quarter of 2020.