Hitting the streets in early 2008 is one tough boulevard cruiser – the 2008 Ford F-150 Foose Edition styled by custom street rod designer Chip Foose.

Lowered, but looking even more hunkered down thanks to its big 22-inch wheels, the special Foose F-150 sports bold racing stripes that start at the edge of the hood and then thin out over the front fenders to run the length of the vehicle only to widen again at the tailgate.

Planned for a limited run of production units, Foose gave the F-150 a new grille with horizontal bars as well as rocker moldings to further help lower the vehicle visually while the cab is accented by Chip Foose signature headrests and floor mats, a unique leather-wrapped center console and a Foose-designed serialization plate showing the VIN and build-sequence numbers.

Powering the Foose Edition F-150 is a 450-horsepower supercharged Triton V8 that puts out 500 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm, making it the most powerful Ford F-150 since the 2004 Ford SVT Lightning. When it hits the streets, it will be the most powerful half-ton pickup on the market.

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