Jeep RenegadeYou may know, that the GKN Driveline is the first high-end brand to deliver the all-wheel drive (AWD) for the vehicle world. And with the natural evolution of GKN come the latest products. For example, the brand revealed the latest, most intelligent and high-tech drive system. The project is launched by FCA US LLC (FCA) and is especially designed for FIAT 500X and Jeep Renegade.

The GKN platform brings complete set of technology and design, that includes transmission-to-wheel tweaks and different fine-tuning modes. Every single part and detail is carefully crafted and manufactured by GKN and is offered to the global market by worldwide production facilities.

This time GKN focused on tight pack targets, that include optimized fuel and power efficiency, rather than usual for the brand heavy and massive machines. With the latest design, GKN changed the standard power transfer unit (PTU) and went for a monoblock housing, that perfectly boosts the overall performance of the drive system.

The overall design of the hardware is precisely constructed to bring overall wonderful performance on the road and on off-road terrains. And this same hardware is especially created to meet the requirements of different brands and different types of driving. Definitely a gadget you want to check out.


Source: GKN