The Porsche Cayenne enjoys great popularity with the customers. No wonder, since the noble SUV combines power and design. HAMANN MOTORSPORT in Laupheim offers various modifications for Porsche Cayenne to refine it and to make it more individual. The most obvious alteration ist the shapely and mighty envelopment. Fitted with the HAMANN wide body-kit the Cayenne becomes the "Cyclone"!

A true HAMANN without aerodynamical conversion is inconceivable. Even more so, when the vehicle in question is a Power SUV like the Cayenne. Brandnew is the HAMANN wide body-kit, which make the Cayenne appear even more imposing. Fitted with this kit, the Cayenne may call itself "Cyclone" .

The front view presents itself in an unmistakable optical characteristic. The specialists in Laupheim designed a front spoiler with two integrated LED-daytime running lights and fog lamps each. By offering the LED daytime running lights HAMANN makes a valuable safety contribution. Three high performance-LEDs and 250 reflectors lead to a better signal aspect. Their lucent white signal light is highly visible even at daytime and warns oncoming traffic fast and efficiently, which in case of emergency leads to better reaction time. Further advantage: LEDs beat normal H7-bulbs in terms of durability because they can be used 30 times longer. Additionally, they lead to less fuel consumption which is a result of their better energy-efficiency.

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But even with switched off LED´s the "Cyclone" is a flashily-dressed giant. The front and rear extended wheel arches give the Cayenne an absolutely powerful. The back also demonstrates individual power: roof spoiler and rear-facing panel with integrated diffuser and cut-out for the HAMANN 4-pipe sports competition silencer. The tail lights with four individual light fixtures are real eye-catchers.

Corresponding to the performance and in order to provide suitable optical characteristics, HAMANN offers a lowering system for all vehicles with pneumatic shock absorption. The vehicle is thus lowered in front and rear by approx. 35 millimetres. Of course, the vehicle thus reacts distinctly more accurately to the steering system and offers pure driving pleasure.

The specifically developed HAMANN brake system for the front axle with slotted and ventilated brake discs sized 380 x 34 millimetres, aluminium disc chamber, sports brake linings and steelflex brake pipes. The eight-piston fixed calliper disc brakes in silver complete the system and apply a powerful grip. At the rear axle an four-piston brake system with slotted and ventilated brake discs sized 380x28mm plus the same hardware as above support the system working at the front.

Optimal contact with the road is guaranteed by the HAMANN light-alloy wheels ANNIVERSARY II for 22 inch tyres. The multi-part aluminium wheel in multi-spoke design is available in the dimensions 10.5 J x 22 inches for front and rear axle. If you prefer it a size larger, you can also have the size 11.5 J x 22 inches for the rear axle, but then only in combination with the flared wheel arches. The silver ANNIVERSARY II with high gloss polished rim flange is fitted with tyres in 295/30 ZR 22 (front) and 315/30 ZR 22 (rear).

The appearance of the three-piece, ultra light forged wheels EDITION RACE in crossing spoke design and black wheel spider is identified through its nine main spokes double-attached, branching and continually double-crossing towards the outside rim. Its stirring design becomes particularly noticeable through Titan studs. The high-polished flange is icing on the cake to complete this luxurious look. The wheel EDITION RACE comes in an impressive 11x23" with tyres 315/25 R23.

HAMANN equips the "Cyclone" with high performance tires from technology partners HANKOOK.

Sound tuning – with some additional horse power produced at the same time – is accomplished by HAMANN with its sports exhaust systems. Sports headers and sports metal catalytic converters including connecting pipes for the HAMANN 4-pipe-sports rear silencer made from stainless steel, evoke thoughts of a raging cyclone closing in!

As in all HAMANN models, there are no limits to the customer's requirements in respect of the passenger compartment. Can't be done? – that's not true! An absolute must is the pedal set including aluminium foot rest. Of course, the exclusive pearl velours floor mats with the silver, embroidered HAMANN logo are also indispensable. A three spoke airbag-equipped sports steering wheel connects the driver even better to his vehicle. Additional motorsports atmosphere provides the 36-piece carbon coated interior-set. Passengers preferably never want to get out of the "Cyclone", when HAMANN fits out the passenger compartment with its "Twotone Snake" full leather equipment. There really isn´t much room left for more precious interior! As always, HAMANN applies the rule "nothing is impossible". Every Cayenne is customized according to each customer's specific requests, for example with extensive multimedia conversions.