Here's a video of a Ford GT setting up a record on the Texas Mile Event at Chase Field Industrial Complex in south Texas: 257.7 mph - full 4.6 mph faster than the previous champion.

As you might have guessed, this is no ordinary Ford GT. It's a Hennessey job this. Owned by Mark Heidaker, driven by Sean Kennedy this overhauled beast wrote some history. But before that, some professional help was needed. That's when Hennessey Performance glued 34 psi Precision Turbochargers to the 5.4 liter Ford engine. The engine and power management as well as the data acquisition system were all installed and tuned by MoTeC people. Add some high-octane racing gasoline and you've got yourself a record breaking formula.

"I think I can do better in the lower gears next time and we can run an even better speed." said Kennedy – ambitious. So, next stop: the Texas Mile Event on October the 26th 2012. Goal: 260 mph.

Source: Hennessey via YouTube