2016 Enduro Concept

Hyundai  makes a world debut of the 2016 concept "Enduro", the urban crossover vehicle, at the 11th Seoul Motor Show. The concept car mixes the vision of a SUV vehicle and a rally motorcycle. The Enduro is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern people with an energetic and dynamic lifestyle.

The concept features Hyundai's design grille, aluminum aero blade, which both bring the confident and overall aggressive look of the car. Additional carefully crafted SUV-styled fender brings additional feel of stability and confidence. The C-pillar are further upgraded for lower air collision, which, combined with the roof rack, bring overall style and aerodynamic upgrades. The rear is geared with an aluminum bumper spoiler and as in the front. The rear fender is also creating a visual effect of massiveness and confidence.

The interior shows the ambition of the crew, which is to make a stylish and comfortable driving place. And they surely succeeded. The Hyundai Advanced Design Team created a cabin, that mixes dynamics and style through interactive lines and details that remind the driver of the passion and pleasure of creating such a masterpiece. The whole Enduro cabin is especially designed to bring the driver a comfortable and unmatched feel of driving. The front panel contains horizontal and vertical elements that bring a feeling of endurance and dynamics.

Hyundai Advanced Design Team also showed the world their skills in adopting the advanced new-age technologies and incorporating them in the Enduro. For example, the door mirrors are replaced with cameras that connect to the front console. Other hi-tech gadgets include a remote control for the bottom menu positions and the "bottom knob" mode, that controls the air-conditioning system, heats or cools the cabin. In fact, the rear seats could be folded to bring you even bigger luggage space, which means extra flexibility and practicality.

Given all these facts, we are very sad that this car is only a concept. But maybe it is a sign for a future production model?

Source: Hyundai