2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Concept INFINITI team is ready to unveil its new QX Inspiration concept electric vehicle at the 2019 North American International Auto Show this month. Representing brand's plans for high-performance electrified machine with wide range of standard features and refined drivetrain system.

The development of the new QX Inspiration has led the design and engineering team to revise the formation of the whole body styling and delivering us a confident exterior look, blended with spacious and lounge-like cabin. As you have might well expected, INFINITI team has infused the interior with hand-crafted components and techniques inspired by the elegant and subtle Japanese sensuality. In fact, the interior styling is based on the Japanese hospitality principle of omotenashi, which creates welcoming environment, while remaining handy and functional.

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As Karim Habib, Executive Design Director, himself says, new QX Inspiration will mark a new era for INFINITI and showcase a new path for all future technologies, incorporated in these futuristic machines. What Mr. Habib accents on is that the revised drivetrain system and all next-gen engine systems have led to the opportunity to change the entire design concept. Long story short, we are about to see a machine that is both different from its predecessors and remains true to its roots at the same time. Cool!

2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Concept

INFINITI QX Inspiration Concept (2019) - picture 1 of 2
INFINITI QX Inspiration Concept (2019) - picture 2 of 2