KW Honda S2000 side view

It is the Honda S2000, which is responsible fro bringing such excitement in enthusiasts as no other car in the industry. Well, many might argue about that, but the Japanese roadster is one of the icons out there which thrills the spirits as it has just came off the production line. Because of its key assets, it is still valued as one of the best cars out there. Not to mention its continuous use for races, drags and etc.

This Honda was built from 1999 to 2009 and it was mainly famous (and still is) for its stiff chassis and short shift paths. What is more, it had the ability to rev up to 9000 RPM from its 241 hp or 247 hp strong VTEC two-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.

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But what would happen if we dare to customize the innate capabilities of the S2000. If done correctly, it could further strengthen the core qualities of the car, right? Let's see what the team of Christian Scmidt has done to improve its driving dynamics.

KW Honda S2000  rear view

He and his mates at KW Automotive and ST Coilovers, decided to add various types of coil-over, which perfectly fit the all S2000's, including the local versions Type S, GT, Club Racer and the facelift. There are actually two coilover kits available: the ST X and ST XTA. Both lower the ride height of the car by 55 mm, but the latter comes with adjustable top mounts and high-performance dampers.

Making the ride of the Honda S2000 sportier or more comfortable, the ST suspensions coilover kits take every curve more direct and holds firmly to the road. This also means that bumps and typical transverse joints for bridges are damped easily by the kit.

KW is also offering the option of adding ST wheel spacers for more performance-infused attitude. The ST DZX wheel spacers come with multi hole circle bores, and they enable to widen the track per wheel in 2.5 mm-steps from 5 to 25 mm. On the other hand, the ST AZX wheel spacers, offer a wider track of 25 to 35 mm, which can be reached in 5 mm steps.

Well, whoever's driving the car on the images seems pretty satisfied by the applied changes, doesn't he?

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