Munich´s Anna Scharl this years` Oktoberfest´s Playmate was given the full treatment by Loder1899. The design team chauffeured the 22 year old to her photo shooting in the Bavarian Alps in their exclusively customize Ford S-Max, she was so impressed she asked for a ride to the Oktoberfest in it!

The Loder1899's concept for the S-Max:

Sexy, sleek and fast, not really the words that come to mind when describing the family car. Ford's crossover the S-Max revamps the MPV market. The seven seater S-Max with its excellent body control, slick gearbox and plenty of horsepower earns its place as SAV, Sport Activity Vehicle.

Loder1899 has created an exclusive custom body kit for the S-Max. These aerodynamically designed lightweight, high quality carbon fiber parts include spoilers, side skirts, front wings, side wings and side gills. They strikingly reinforce the S-Max's futuristic look. Additionally Loder1899 has developed an exceptional paintable material (FGRP: fiberglass reinforced plastics) that joins and blends in flawlessly with the S-Max's bodywork.

Loder1899 Ford S-Max Oktoberfest Playmate (2007) - picture 1 of 2
Loder1899 Ford S-Max Oktoberfest Playmate (2007) - picture 2 of 2

Loder1899 also maximizes the power of the S-Max diesel engines from 140 hp to 165 hp and from 130 hp to 155 hp respectively. In combination with Loder1899 exhaust systems there is an increase in engine power from 220 hp to 270 hp for the 2.5 litre turbo engine as well as an attractive vibrant sporty sound. The 2x100mm exhaust system is handcrafted from stainless steel and a 35mm suspension system is also available.

To add the finishing touches to this artwork Loder1899 offers two of their distinctive wheel designs, the classic "Jacky" in 18 to 20 inch with stainless steel, silver, black or white coloured applications and the alloy wheel "Sins". The "Sins" and the "Jacky" both have the timeless five spoke design. A tyre/wheel set with "Sins"-wheels in 18 inch starts from 475 Euro.

The overall effect of the Ford S-Max kitted out in the Loder1899 accessory package is provocative and exciting adding the gloss to an already very special vehicle.

Pricing: Exhaust system including sport cat. + 30 Hp: 2.015,55 €, motor management: 1.158,55 €, suspension systems (35 mm): 190,91 €. Accessories front wings carbon left/right: 362 €, side wings 4 pieces carbon left/right, front/back: 531,66 €, rear wings carbon left/right: 362,50 €, side gills 4 pieces carbon: 253,09 €, front wings FGRP left/right: 218,28 €, side wings 4 pieces GFK left/right, front/back: 319,00 €, rear wings GFK left/right: 218,28 €, side gills 4 pieces GFK: 151,85 €.