2019 McLaren 600LT A bespoke 600LT Coupe with numerous enhancements from McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has been delivered through McLaren Toronto. Commissioned by a long-time customer, the vehicle features heavily revised exterior and interior changes that have been inspired by the brightness and speed of a comet – an icy and solar system body that produces distinctive signatures and fades from bright to dark.

Technically, the project took MSO about 120 hours to complete. The engineers and designers in the team have applied bespoke "Comet Fade" body finish that can also be seen covering certain components in the interior. This artistic approach is heavily contrasted with the highly technical elements. Such include MSO Bespoke Visual Carbon Fibre Roof Scoop, three different Carbon Fiber Upgrade packs with front splitter, side skirts, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, rear wing and 10-spoke Ultra-Lightweigth Forged Wheels in glossy black.

Additionally, the exclusive machine includes MSO Clubsport Pack that brings super lightweight carbon-fiber racing seats, carbon-fiber interior upgrade, MSO-defined LT glossy finish visual carbon fiber roof and cantrails, MSO defined gloss visual carbon fiber front fender louvres and titanium wheel bolts. In terms of interior, the machine features MSO bespoke Coriolis blend applied to the speaker surround, while a MSO bespoke Cerulean Blue is applied to the 12 o'clock mark on the steering wheel and interior switch gear.

2019 McLaren 600LT

McLaren's latest convertible manages to embody brand's crafting philosophy: it features increased power, reduced weight, optimized aerodynamics, driver engagement, track focused dynamics and limited availability.

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In terms of drivetrain system, new 600LT features a 3.8-liter V8 power unit that produces 592hp and 457lb-ft of torque, which aids for some pretty quick 0-100km/h runs that end up in mere 2.8 seconds. Performance is further enhanced by applying lightweight carbon firber bodywork that creates this notable Longtail silhouette. There's also a forged aluminum double-wishbone suspension system with recalibrated dampers, firmer engine mounts and a lightweight braking system. Sweet!

2019 McLaren 600LT

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