Mercedes-Benz are famous with the enormous engines , which they put in cars and their megalomania didn't miss C class. The result is C63 AMG, which has 6.2 liter V8 naturally aspirated engine producing 451hp.

Unfortunately, the same engine produced 507 and 518 horsepower in E and S class. The big V8 got more restrictive intake and exhaust paths, because it is a tight fit in the smaller C class.

"Mercedes restricted the car," explains Hartmut Feyhl. "So, our first step in extracting more power from the C63 is to de-restrict the car."

ECU software upgrade (ECU1) is the first level upgrade to unleash 475 hp and 630 N/m (465 lb-ft) of torque.

"In a sense, the C63 is a return to the roots for Mercedes, and for AMG, and also for RENNTECH," says Feyhl. "It is a very special car, as the C class has grown to about the same size as the 6.3 and the W124 Hammer, but with much more power. We want to see how far we can go with this car."

ECU2 high performance software is the next level upgrade available for C63 AMG.  Of course, the new electronics come with RENNTECH's stainless-steel long-tube headers and new, track-oriented sound/performance pipes, so now the engine is developing whopping 548 horsepower and 690 N/m (510 lb-ft) of torque.

All the new power must be handled in a way, so Renntech offers a fully adjustable sport suspension and adjustable front and rear camber bushings. The ride height can be adjusted to suit best to the driver. The camber bushings help maintain proper camber and alignment for maximum grip.

A new brakes set is now available to create maximum stopping power in the form 15.2" 2 PC rotors clamped by RENNTECH calipers.

A price list for the upgrades can be get at nearest Renntech's official web site.