Do you know what will happen next week? We just received the news that Toyota will reveal to the world a mysterious new model called RND Concept. Along with the announcement the company also released the first teaser image and some details. What we know so far that the car will debut in the United Kingdom on 26th January, instead of at international motor show. The picture does not say much either, but it hints at how the design of RND will mark a radical shift in company's direction.

Toyota said that the exterior appearance of the car will take the "fun-to-drive" qualities of the cars to a higher level. Although the car will be presented as a concept, it is in a completely production-ready form.

And if we can to trust the official data, the Japanese brand also disclosed that the car is ready for fast-track development and that it will change the face of motoring. Manufacturing and product supply have been secured already, while the on-the-road pricing has been fixed at a level that will make the RND Concept accessible to many people.

Toyota sounds pretty confident that the design of the RND Concept will impact other car ranges. It has the potential to transform the look of every vehicle on the road and to make a valuable contribution to the world we live in.

Source: Toyota