Teased approximately week ago, the Opel Flextreme GT/E Concept is now fully unwrapped. Although there are only renders and sketches of the future mid-size green machine and no real images, this is more than enough for us to get a notion of what we could see at this year's Opel booth at Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

The Opel Flextreme GT/E Concept is a clear example of an efficient, environment-friendly vehicle styled with dramatically expressive and modern design. It represents how extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) technology can be blended into a large or mid-size vehicle. Thanks to its aerodynamically-optimized body, the Flextreme GT/E achieves projected drag co-efficient of just 0.22, which allows it to reach Vmax of more than 200 km/h. The cabin access is improved by the state-of-the-art rear-hinged rear doors, an evolution of the Opel FlexDoors concept from the recently announced, new generation Meriva. All door handles are replaced by light sensors, which can be triggered by the driver's or passenger's hand. To reduce air turbulence, the front door mirrors are also absent, replaced by small camera pods in the base of the A-pillars. Further exterior highlights are the specially designed to reduce wind resistance 21-inch alloy wheels fitted with 195/45 low rolling resistance tires. When the Flextreme GT/E Concept's speedometer tops more than 50 km/h, a vertical panel extends along the body from the air extraction slot behind each rear wheel-arch. These 350 mm-long side spoilers guide high-speed airflow around the rear corners of the car, further reducing the amount of turbulence.

As we mention, the Opel Flextreme GT/E Concept benefits from the GM's ground-breaking E-REV drive system, which is already known from the revolutionary Opel Ampera. Packed with that system, the new concept renders performance similar to that of the Ampera: a battery-powered driving range of up to 60 km – with zero CO2 emissions – and a total range of more than 500 km. Average fuel consumption is estimated at 1.6 l/100 km, with CO2 emissions of less than 40 g/km. The time needed for 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in less than nine seconds.

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Opel Flextreme GT/E Concept: Specifications tables

Body style
Type 5-door coupé, 4-seat upper mid-size concept vehicle
Co-efficient of drag 0.22

Exterior dimensions
Overall length (mm) 4762
Height (mm) 1308
Width (mm) 1871
Wheelbase (mm) 2900
Front track (mm) 1600
Rear track (mm) 1600

Wheel size 21 inch
Tires 195/45 R 21; extra low-rolling resistance

Type Electric drive, front-wheel-drive
Battery system:
Type Advanced lithium-ion (manganese spinel)
Energy 16 kWh
Nominal voltage 350 volts
On-board charger 3.3 kW
100% recharge time (230V outlet) < 3.0 hours
Electric drive unit:
Max. power 120 kW
Torque 370 Nm
Power 53 kW peak output
Engine type 4-cyl. 1.4l gasoline-fueled combustion engine

Pure electric mode range 60 km
Full range, range extender engaged > 500 km
CO2 emissions, combined cycle (est.) < 40 g/km
0 – 100 km/h acceleration < 9.0 seconds
Maximum speed > 200 km/h