On the eve of the 77th Geneva Motor Show, Opel illuminated the night. Supported by a dramatic light show, the Opel GTC Concept (Gran Turismo Coupé) made its spectacular debut at the "GM Premiere Night."

Heralding a new design era for the brand, the GTC Concept gives an insight into how Opel's design language will look in the future. Adding to progressive shapes and surfaces, the four-seat coupé features unique LED lighting concepts in the front and rear, providing a new signature lighting style for the brand.

The reveal's exciting light show highlighted the GTC Concept´s signature illumination theme by utilizing state-of-the-art LED technology for the huge stage wall. The car then strutted down a long runway to its final resting spot on a turntable in the center of the room.

Visual effects of the evening were also part of the futuristic iBar concept: Items like mobile phones or drink glasses rested on the bar tops were connected by animation of the concept car and the Opel emblem. In addition, a common denominator of the show was the color red, reflecting the interior lighting theme of the concept car and the red line in its seats, steering wheel and tires.

Opel Grand Turismo Coupe Concept (2007) - picture 1 of 5
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Two live performances of the U.S. band "Pink Martini" and a fashion show of the hip Spanish label "Mango" rounded off the spectacular presentation of the GTC Concept.

"This evening's presentation perfectly highlighted the GTC Concept as the new interpretation of the Opel brand," explained Alain Visser, Executive Director, European Opel Marketing. "The concept car´s exciting lines, high driving dynamics and interior flexibility reflect what the Opel brand trademark characteristics will be in the future."
"With the GTC Concept our team envisioned the new essence of Opel – more confident, relevant and distinctive – in a high-performance four-seat coupé," said Bryan Nesbitt, Executive Director, GM Europe Design. "This style is what to expect of future Opel products."

Key elements of the GTC Concept (length/width/height: 4830/1867/1432 millimeters, wheelbase: 2737 mm) begin with an aggressive front end performance face emphasized by large aluminum vertical intakes that intersect the headlamps. These vertical elements are mimicked in the rear exhaust elements. Another significant design cue of the two-door sport-coupé is the sophisticated bodyside shapes and surfacing.

Echoing the exterior, the interior visually articulates a dynamic driving experience and reveals a new standard of Opel aesthetics. Brand-typical on-board flexibility is ensured by the thoughtful "Flex4" system. The backs of both rear seats can be docked separately to the front seats by remote control, creating a spacious three or two-seater with flat load floor.

The Opel GTC Concept is powered by a 220 kW/300 hp, 2.8-liter V6 turbo gasoline engine and features an intelligent, electronically-controlled four-wheel drive system.