As a refining specialist for Audi models, the company PPI Automotive Design GmbH has already been one of the top addresses in the world of tuning since 1997. With the makeover for the new Audi A5, the company based in the Southern German town of Waiblingen once again confirms its excellent reputation. The PPI technicians comprehensively re-engineer the Audi Coupé. After the makeover, the refined car has even more vitality in its design, but also in its drive.

Especially the design set named "PPI-Sport" turns the coupé into a real race car. The components do not only convince optically, but also functionally they show their strength. Developed in the wind tunnel, the elements mainly improve the handling of the car. Amongst others, the body kit includes a front spoiler lip which reduces the lifting forces which holds the vehicle safely on the road even at high speeds. New air inlets fitted in the serial front provide the front motor with additional cooling air. The front build is perfected by the new front grille "RS Style" which gives the car an even more striking appearance and turns the A5 into an eye-catcher. The side skirt set which significantly reduces the air flow between the two axles also enhances this impression. Newly designed rear mirror cases complete the PPI Sport set and parallelly reduce disturbing wind noises. PPI developed a matching spoiler and diffuser for the original rear skirt. Combined with a roof spoiler, the driving dynamics of this car also improved. Similar to the front axle, also at this part of the vehicle PPI-components regulate the air flow and positively affect the handling.

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But only after adding the light alloy rims "PPI RACE", the overall design of the coupé is perfected. The shiny black 20 inch rims once again enhance the noble and sportive look of the Audi A5.  But the PPI-technicians do not stop here. Everything that counts for the body kit, also counts for the rims: apart from the optical aspect, the wheels also have functional tasks as they have a positive effect on handling the car. This can mainly be contributed to their wrought-iron technology. Therefore, the one-piece RACE wheel is especially light and robust - the unsprung masses are reduced and that mainly shows during acceleration and in its brake behaviour. The PPI Race is delivered with Michelin-tyres measuring 265/30/20.

Another handling advantage is achieved by lowering the car´s centre of gravity. With special sport springs, PPI lowers the Audi A5 by 30 mm. This is enough to boost the driving dynamics of the coupé. Even at high speeds, the car holds its road grip and shows excellent curve behaviour.

Performance boost for every taste

PPI also engineered two performance kits for the Audi 3.0 TDI motor, the core part of the tuning programme. This upgrade for the fast Diesel vehicle includes a sport air filter, a stainless steel exhaust system with a sportive, earthy sound and a new motor management. The first kit focuses on the optimisation of the power engine. Here, the PPI motor technicians improved the engine power and the response behaviour. While the performance only rises from 240 to 257 hp, the torque jumps from 500 to 548 Nm. This provides enough power for any accelerator position. A positive side effect is the fuel consumption which does not exceed the serial standards. The second kit is made for sport-oriented A5 drivers. Here, the Diesel is supplied with a power enhancement up to 282 hp and the torque rises up to an impressive 580 Nm. On motorways, the dynamic Diesel vehicle even bares its teeth to established race cars.

The new interior designs for the A5 perfect the PPI programme. The highlight of the interior is an ergonomically newly designed PPI "Identity" sport steering wheel. Thanks to its new shape, it lies much better in the hand and still offers all functions of the serial steering wheel. Matching this, PPI also refines the gear shift skirt and hand brake with leather and the own logo. Whether noble or sportive - PPI offers the ideal components for any interior taste. Whether carbon or black piano lacquer, leather or ultra suede. On demand, our upholsterer supplies everything that makes your heart beat faster. From a personalised door mat set up to full-leather equipment, everything is manufactured with precision craftsmanship. Individually designed for you by master hand and fitted in your car.