Startech Range Rover Pickup Side VIewRange Rover Pickup? Yes, it is not a joke. When I initially looked at the pictures I thought that they are renderings. However, this is a real car and it is going to make a world premiere at the Auto Shanghai. The team behind it is Startech. The fist that grabs the attention is the strange exterior, but there is more to this.

Inside, the pickup has been also modified with leather upholstery, Alcantara and carbon-fiber elements. Some updates have been made to the five-liter V8 supercharged engine as well and it now has an output of 526 hp (387 kW). This enables Startech's pickup to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds. Unfortunately there is a top speed limiter positioned at 250 km/h.

What have happened to the exterior? First thing to note is the conversion from five-door car to a classy transport vehicle with pickup bed. This required designing and manufacturing more than 100 bodywork components from aluminum, carbon fiber and steel. And mind that the modified Range Rover has retained its five seats and spaciousness inside.

At the back behind the individual seats, the specialists have added rear bulkhead with heated tinted rear window, serving as a wall to the pickup bed. The roof has been also shortened but despite this, the panoramic sunroof has been entirely retained.

Next, the length of the pickup bed is 110 centimeters. Another 60 centimeters are added when the tailgate opens. Then, the specialists gave this vehicle widebody kit conversion. It comprises of various carbon-fiber infused parts like the new front bumper and the trim on the hood.

The impressive stance of the pickup is additionally strengthened by the integrated LED DRLs, side markers and front fog lamps. The front spoiler, side air deflectors and radiator grille round out the tuning of the face of the car.

Furthermore, the sides of the vehicle are dominated by the front and rear fender flares, carbon gills on the front doors and side mirrors, door trim and rear air intakes. The widebody kit also allows for 23-inch forged wheels installation. Called Monostar S, the alloys are black and are mated with huge tires.

The height of the pickup has also been lowered by 30mm via adjustable Startech suspension. In addition, at the back the standard bumper has been replaced with carbon one, and there we also see the dual tailpipes of the new exhaust system. It actually can control the sound of the V8 and contributes to the increase in the power output.

So far so good, but the question is why Startech has made all that effort to make a vehicle that is neither a pure Land Rover (famous with its capabilities) nor a pickup. At least we should applause their good work and efforts. They have impressed us.

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Source: Startech