STARTECH, which is a subsidiary to BRABUS (and we all know them), have been toying with the new Jaguar XJ and the results are rather sublime and tasteful.

The makeover is mainly cosmetic which includes a finely designed aerodynamic kit, bulky 21 inched forged rims and a custom made interior.

The XJ is already striking enough as it is, with that sloping, gentle roof line which seems as if it is blending with the taillights. So STARTECH has decided that it only needs a few alterations for the ultimate aesthetic nirvana.  Now at the very end of the trunk, an elegant lip spoiler can be seen. All aerodynamic-enhancement components are manufactured in OEM quality.

The front of the car for example receives a minor addition (not a replacement) for the bumper. It is an curvy, meshed apron which reduces air-lift and with its constantly luminous LEDs one can say that improves day to day safety. The fenders are audaciously garnished with strikingly big air outlets on which one can spot the STARTECH logos (the first solid proof of the company's involvement). At the opposite end of the side sills small elegant details, just before the rear wheel arches, finish the sporty look that has been started by the outlets. In turn the back end is garnished with a new fascia which houses a diffuser and two integrated panels with a typical STARTECH design. There can also be found the stainless-steel, company provided, rear mufflers.

2012 STARTECH Jaguar XJ

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Since there is a lot of space under the wheel arches, STARTECH has gone the extra mile by fitting their Monostar J Diamond Edition wheels - three-piece forged monstrosities which come in sizes 9.0Jx21 and 10.5Jx21. They bare a mirror-polish shine with patches of titanium-look which complete the overall exterior of the Jag. Because of their lightness and durability and the extra wide tires on them (255/35 ZR 21 at the front and 295/30 ZR 21 at the back), they offer greater stability and control.

STARTECH also excels in different Alcantra and leather design. In this case, because of the XJ's black exterior, they have gone for the cream-colored interior made from the soft and breathable Mastik type of leather.

The two independent seats at the back are electrically heated and the legroom in front of them is bathed in light which comes from the sides of the elegant, compartment riddled, center console.

More than 5 000 meters of thread has gone for the stitching of the seams on the dashboard, the leather flooring and the seat upholstery design. Great effort has been made by the STARTECH refinement team when it comes to the elaborate wood trim for the interior - Black, glossy polished piano wood was meticulously adorned by hand with ship-veneer-type inlays.

It is not all 19th century appeal though. Inside there is an integrated Apple iPad docking station with a bluetooth keyboard for it. Internet is not a problem as well - A 20 MBit/s GSM modem provides a high-speed internet connection via EDGE, HSDPA or HSPA+ protocols. Several passengers can communicate online at any time using a WLAN network available in and around the car. This car is more of a command center than it is a vehicle – in times of war I think I'll give STARTECH a call.