Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept  TeaserSubaru Impreza Sedan Concept has made a successful debut by the end of October at the Tokyo Motor Show. Now this rather impressive car is set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The event will take place between 17th and 29th of November, and it is opened for public from 20th of November.

There will be even a special site dedicated to the concept, which opens today and you can visit it here.

Impreza Sedan Concept is an instance of how the brand envisions its future. It is not only an example of the next generation Impreza, but of the future design of the vehicles. Although it is a concept, the car seems as functional as we expect it to be. In addition, from the official teaser image above it is visible that it is full of aerodynamics.

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Since we have seen it in Tokyo, we must highlight that this car inevitably blends form and function. Unlike the car shown in Japan, this one will rather be painted in red. The teaser also displays the low stance that is an innate quality of the brand. The clean lines of the design of the car extend from the front wheel arch to the rear shoulders, enhancing the sporty silhouette of the concept.

Whether there will be any other differences than the exterior color, we can't be sure. So, let's wait a little longer and see what exactly appears in the city of angels. And by the way, the Impreza Sedan Concept will be revealed at the press briefing scheduled for 2:35 PM PST on November 18, followed by a speech by the president and CEO of Suzuki. You can follow everything that is happening during the premiere at the web page mentioned above.

Source: Subaru