Switzer is one of the most appreciated tuning companies in the world. They have has been focused on cars that delivered blistering performance without sacrificing the comfort or reliability.

Switzer created a tuned Nissan GT-R capable of doing 9-second times at drag race or other, which as covered almost 100,000 miles since its conversion from a stock, 475 hp early GTR to an 800 hp Switzer P800.

The conversions are relatively cheap compared to the achieved performance. Still, a lot more can be done, so people ask themselves: "What if I want to push the limits? What if I don't want to be conservative?"

The GT-R Goliath was built to explore the limits of Switzer's package architecture, building off of the same hardware upgrades as the Ultimate Street Edition, as well as the same intercoolers, plumbing, and exhaust hardware used in the USE, as well as the P700, P800, and record-breaking R1K-X Switzer GTRs.

Keep in mind, this is not some chopped-up dyno-queen car. Grinding or welding on the chassis was not permitted, so Goliath's firewall, frame rails, and power steering systems are totally intact.

The factory AC system is completely intact, and "is a must", according to Switzer … which makes sense, considering how many of these cars end up in extreme climates.

"At the end of the day," says Tym, "this is still a drivable streetcar, albeit at the limits of what most people would tolerate in real-world traffic. It's an exercise in how far you can take a streetcar, which is what this customer wanted, even after I explained the risks and the process. The only ‘race stuff' in the car is the fuel. In this case, it's Q16. I'd have preferred something a little more ‘green', like E85, but that would have been too hard for the car's owner to source locally. So, only the fuel is ‘race', really, but that doesn't mean Goliath is for everyone. It's not the no-excuses, Veyron-baiting, liter-bike chasing super car. That's the Ultimate. Goliath … Goliath is just a monster. It's the limit of how far we can push our GTR package hardware, so it shows the value in those packages as ‘building blocks' to something bigger."

So, the result: over 1500 WHP (wheel-horse-power), which is around 2000HP from the engine.

Source: Switzer