The TECHART specialists are ready to present their individualization program for the Porsche Panamera models at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor show. Roughly, the TECHART program features, exterior components for better aerodynamics and striking appearance, 21 or 22-inch light metal wheels, a multifunctional daylight running light system, as well as extensive options finishing the interior.

The new Aerokit I is made from PU-RIM, which guarantees perfect components fit and optimized driving characteristics. The three-part Front Spoiler I reduces the lift on the front axle and provides better cooling of the brakes at the same time. The side skirts steady the airflow under the vehicle and form dynamic contours in the side view. The new Rear Spoiler I and the rear diffuser supports the driving stability of the vehicle, and together with the TECHART engraved dual oval tailpipes emphasizes the consistent design at the rear.

The Panamera program offers a choice between the elegant 21-inch TECHART Formula or sporty 22-inch TECHART Formula II light-metal wheels.

TECHART has a multifunctional daytime running lights system ready for the Panamera Turbo. The LED system unit combines daytime running lights, blinkers, sidelights, and parking lights in one housing – in a choice of chrome or black – that slips seamlessly into the front design of the Panamera.

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For the Panamera's interior, TECHART is ready with exclusive two-colour leather finishing in teak and black. Decorative stitching with matching thread, a roof liner in the same coloured Alcantara, details such as interior colour-matched handles and foot mats with leather edging in the colour teak give rise to extensive personalization. A TECHART sport steering wheel as well as dials with the interior colour completes the sporty and elegant line. A new TECHART exotic wood variation is being used for the first time in the Panamera. The prized ash veneer with a tactile grain decorates the doors, the dashboard and center console.

TECHART Program for the Porsche Panamera Models:


  • Aerokit I
  • Front spoiler I
  • Rear spoiler I
  • Decorative roof spoiler
  • Rear diffuser
  • Side skirts
  • Decorative strips for air outlets on the front fenders
  • Decorative cover for headlights

Multifunctional daytime running lights in black or chrome (only for Turbo)

Exhaust system

  • Oval, double-flow tailpipes in stainless steel with TECHART engraving

Wheel-tire combination

  • 21-inch TECHART Formula with Continental Sport Contact 3 tires in 255/35 R 21 (VA) and 295/30 R 21 (HA) or Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 in 265/35 R 21 (VA) and 305/30 R 21 (HA)
  • 22-inchTECHART Formula II with Continental Sport Contact 3 tires in 265/30 R 22 (VA) and 305/25 R 22 (HA)


  • Instrument dials in individual colours
  • TECHART 3-spoked sport steering wheel
  • Individualized door trims and door handles
  • Leather upholstery and decorative stitching in special teak colour and other individual colours
  • TECHART sport pedals and footrests in aluminium, anodized silver
  • Foot mats in black with edging in leather, teak
  • Decorative elements for centre console, dashboard, and doors in an exotic wood design, ash