Zircotec ceramic thermal coating helps twinscroll turbo spool up 500-750rpm sooner on new Subaru Impreza based Litchfield Type-20

An importer and modifier of Japanese performance cars has been so impressed with a zirconia-based thermal coating that it has returned for more. Following the success of its Type-25, Litchfield's new Subaru Impreza STI Type-20 is the latest to benefit from Zircotec's thermal coating, with the enhanced heat management helping the cars twinscroll turbo spool up to speed 500-750rpm sooner than normal. "For minimal cost and maximum gain we have been very impressed with Zircotec's coating and how it protects and manages the heat around our new twinscroll turbocharger," explains managing director Iain Litchfield. "With the coating applied to the turbo's double exhaust ports, more heat is retained in the system. As a result the turbo spools faster and lag is reduced."

Other benefits include reduced underbonnet temperatures and crisper throttle response. "As the turbo is sited underneath the intercooler, heat is retained in the turbocharger and does not affect the operation of the intercooler and other components," continues Litchfield. As well as cooling properties, Zircotec's simulated durability tests indicate 100,000 trouble free miles of road car protection.

The enhanced heat management helps the twinscroll turbo spool up to speed 500-750rpm sooner to improve responsiveness The Type-20 is based on the Japanese specification Subaru Impreza STI, and is powered by a 400PS 2.0-litre turbocharged engine producing 508Nm (375lbft) of torque. With Subaru's continued use of the twinscroll turbo, Litchfield's design is available not only as a bolt-on replacement for its new Japanese based imports, but also for the 2003 model year Subaru Imprezas and onwards.

As ever, Zircotec's coatings come in a range of colours offering the same professional OE appearance as standard.