Toyota TS040 Hybrid Under Wraps As you know, Toyota became the first Japanese company to claim the WEC championship last year. The successful season witnessed the share of the first place by two high-performance drivers Sébastien Buemi and Anthony Davidson. The champion winning car, TS040 Hybrid proved to be the hero of the day: the machine, in full harmony with the drivers, has won 5 out of 8 races.

The Hybrid has been modified and improved for 2015 with redesigned suspension, optimized tyre wear, changed front design for even better aerodynamics and some weight-loss modifications. The art of consuming energy and saving is not unknown territory for the crew, that built the beast. They do know, that in modern age energy and performance efficiency is key feature to have in mind.

The car itself comes with two packages for 2015 that have already been tested in France. The first package, so called "The Le Mans" is better suited and used for the well-known 24-hour race, while the second one, called "Spring" is specially built to bring high level of downforce.

As said, the efficiency is well calculated by numerous tests and experiments, that started already on 13 January. The different tracks for experiment really let the team show their best, not only on the test road, but on the championship.

Team members Davidson and Buemi will share one car. Davidson himself says, that he looks forward to winning the big race at Les Mans in June. He knows what real competiton and competitors mean and he confidently prepares for the race. We wish him luck and alot of occasions for celebrating.

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Source: Toyota