Toyota has unveiled two new locally developed show cars at the 2009 Melbourne Motor Show which feature cutting-edge customisation ideas from the booming modified street car scene.

The highly modified Yaris and RAV4 are the result of collaboration with Australia's leading promoter of street car shows and events, Auto Salon.

"Basically, Toyota gave us the cars and told us to go crazy," said project leader William Ng.

"It's getting increasingly difficult to do something original within the show car scene but, because the Yaris and RAV4 are not common subjects for modification, the Toyota project gave us an opportunity to do something different."

Auto Salon Yaris (2009) - picture 1 of 2
Auto Salon Yaris (2009) - picture 2 of 2

The Auto Salon Yaris is distinguished by a camouflage paint-scheme and modified "double-wide" bodywork featuring guards which have been heavily flared to house over-sized 17-inch raised titanium lip wheels and 245/40 Michelin Pilot Preceda tyres.

The Yaris's suspension has been modified with the addition of Buddy Club coil-over suspension adjustable for ride and rebound.

The interior of the Yaris has been enhanced with the addition of race-style TRD Recaro driver and front passenger seats, and a TRD instrument gauge cluster mounted on the steering column.

The standard stereo has been replaced by an enormously powerful Fujitsu Eclipse sound system featuring four amplifiers and six sub-woofers.

An unusual feature of the system is that the entire boot-mounted stereo sub-woofer assembly can be unbolted and removed.

"Removing the sub-woofer lowers the kerb weight of the vehicle in order to enhance track-day performance," said William Ng.

Auto Salon RAV4 (2009) - picture 1 of 2
Auto Salon RAV4 (2009) - picture 2 of 2

The Auto Salon RAV4 is a show standout thanks to its bright red pearlescent custom paint job and massive 22-inch wheels and tyres.

A custom-built airbag suspension allows the RAV4 to be lowered on its wheels by up to 25 centimetres for display purposes and then raised again for driving.

The custom look is completed by new front and rear bumper panels, deep side skirts and "shaved" external door handles - meaning they have been removed entirely and replaced by a remote control door opener.