2019-Bikes-910Bike rides can be a lot of fun, irrespective of whether you are travelling solo or you are riding in a group. But both the rides are very different from one another.

While solo rides give you freedom and independence, group rides help you connect with the others in a group and drive coordination. But, what can you expect out of group rides and solo rides? Let us dive into the details!

What Are The Features of Solo Bike Rides?

  • Focus

One of the most important and standout features of riding solo is the immense focus involved. You are all out riding alone and have a plan of your own. Not having other bike riders means you are playing to your strengths. This helps you take breaks at the right moments and relax as per your body requirements.

Besides, there are no distractions from other riders at this point of time. All of these factors together help you focus on your trip or journey and enjoy it alone.

  • Independence

From the perspective of a rider, going on a solo bike trip means having your own independence. This means you decide on the destination in question, you decide on the path you choose, you decide when to take a break and you decide how to go about the whole trip.

You would have no one to answer to and no schedules to maintain for the others. This proves to be really helpful for people who like to ride in peace and maintain their own pace. A solo bike trip is a great way to connect with yourself!

What Are The Features of a Group Bike Trip?

While a solo trip can be quite exciting, a group trip provides you with a lot of fun and entertainment.

  • Group work and coordination

One of the biggest standout features of a group bike trip is the coordination and group effort required. You are not on your own and you are thus expected to maintain coordination with the others in the group.

This would include small essentials like cornering your bike the right way, maintaining an optimum speed such that every rider is riding together, working around the hilly terrains and the likes. All of these contribute towards developing your bike riding skills and coordination!

  • Mental support

Group rides can benefit biking enthusiasts in more ways than one. But one of these is mental support. As compared to solo trips, in these group trips, you have the big advantage of having the support of your fellow riders. What does this entail to?

Encouragement, for starters. When you are nearing the destination but are tired in the journey, the riders around you would encourage you to continue for a bit longer, test yourself and get out of the comfort zone. Besides, if you fall sick during the journey, you know you have people to take care of you at all times. This is the kind of mental support that comes in handy.

Irrespective of what you choose to go with – solo bike rides, or a group bike trip, it is important to carry a cheap portable air compressor to avoid any unforeseen events and to be able to enjoy to the fullest.

The Wrap Up

As is evident, both group and solo bike rides have their own charm, and your final decision depends on your personal preferences. So how will you like to move ahead? Let us know in the comments below.