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automobili pininfarina reveals a super-exclusive lineup of hypercars!

Automobili Pininfarina has unveiled its latest and most advanced vehicle, the pure-electric hyper GT, Battista Anniversario. Not only the vehicle is the first electric sportscar in the brand’s portfolio, but also it celebrates 90 years since Battista “Pinin” Farina created the famous Pininfarina coachbuilder and design house, and is the most powerful sports car ever. The vehicle is hand-crafted n Cambano, Turin, where Pninfarina has esta

axon automotive introduces plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

Axon Automotive are UK car manufacturer, which presented theirs plug-in hybrid electric vehicle at the Milton Keynes Science Festival. The car is Full Hybrid, which means that it can be driven on petrol engine alone, electric motor alone or combination of both. The car has very low fuel consumption, because it is al