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Buick News

2017 buick enclave sport touring edition will make its global debut at new york show

Buick announced the 2017 Enclave Sport Touring Edition. This is by far the latest addition to brand's design-focused Sport Touring Edition lineup. Highlighted in Satin Black ice-tonned grille and distinctive 20-inch chrome-clad wheels with Satin Black Ice accents, this sweetie has a lot to demontrate. The Sport Touring Edition brings brand's latest design concepts to life and tons of goodies as the signature QuietTuning, first-class seating an

2016 buick avista concept: beauty and passion unite

Ahead of its global debut at the North American International Auto Show, Buick introduced the Avista Concept. This is a 2+2 coupe with the idea to push brand's boundaries of design ideas, along with some performance tweaks. The sleek and sweeping proportions serve as a foundation of the monstrous 400hp (294kW) twin-

buick confirms north american market debut for envision cuv

Buick has just confirmed that it is going to launch the Envision CUV in North America. The vehicle was launched in 2014 in China, representing company’s entrance into country’s SUV segment. The model for the Chinese market was offered in the following trim levels, which we also expect to see in North America: AWD E

will 2017 buick lacrosse become the new face of the brand?

2017 Buick LaCrosse was demonstrated and it proudly showed the new face of Bucick. A face, influenced by the dramatic cues of the award-winning Avenir Concept that was unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The LaCrosse will go on sale in summer of 2016 features restyled grille design a

china meets buick verano gs and hatchback later this year

Next year, we are going to have a brand new Buick Verano GS and Buick Verano Hatchback. Both models will offer “European car”-like handling and great sportiness. The two cars will target modern-customers, who look for better and more athletic driving experience. Although there is only a teaser image of the GS varia

is 2016 buick cascada's deal that good?

2016 Cascada, Buick's first convertible vehicle for the last 25 years will go on sale early next year with a promise of extended list of standard equipment, powerful drivetrain system and affordable price. The vehicle is designed to offer 2+2 room configuration, which is ideal for four adults. The vehicle will also demonstrate what can the 200 hp (149 kW) turbo engine is capable of, along with the six-speed automatic transmission. And along with these tasty elements, the vehicle will also include: electro-hy

avenir-inspired 2017 buick lacrosse previewed

2017 Buick LaCrosse has a brand new and more expressive face. The proof for this is the teaser image that has just been shown by the famous American company. In addition, Buick also says that LaCrosse’s design is inspired by the latest Avenir concept and it is actually a striking evolution from current Buick models. Impressive or Expressive Front? As you can see from the picture above, the car has a grille with a brand new design. In fact, it also comes to put a new face on the brand. This new appearance includ

2016 buick encore sport touring: is this the better version?

Distinguishing. Attractive. Sexy. These are just some of the superlatives which can be used to describe the 2016 Buick Encore Sport Touring. Mentioning the fact that it is super comfortable just metamorphoses the SUV into a top of the range model! It is truly a car for people with character. And that includes men as well. The new Encore Sport Touring had quite successful year in 2015 and from what we can see it seems like 2016 is going to be p