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Lancia Ypsilon VERSUS will be introduced at the 2008 International Paris Motor Show

It will be introduced at the 2008 International Paris Motor Show, a Lancia Ypsilon VERSUS show car produced with the Versace Group brand that will also dress the models on the stand with garments chosen to suit the expressive motifs of the exhibition space. All this confirms the strong bond between Lancia and the world of Fashion. Together with Design and Cinema, Fashion is one of the brand's languages of reference, as is borne out by the choice

A City Limousine Service at Forte dei Marmi, for an exclusive Summer

A unique holiday for 2 million tourists with a private chauffeur in the new Lancia Musa Poltrona Frau Today at Forte dei Marmi, Olivier Francois, Managing Director of Lancia Automobiles, and Umberto Buratti, Mayor of Forte dei Marmi, presented the “Forte dei Marmi Vip Service” programme, organised with the brand new Lancia Musa Poltrona Frau city limousine. 60 very special Musas will take hold of Forte dei Marmi, the seafront and the ‘

Advertising campaign for the Delta launch: “Not a spot … but a film”

For the launch of the model that will mark its return to the most important European car segment, Lancia chose to interpret the positioning of the Delta by combining the personality of Richard Gere and a story that is particularly close to his lifestyle and the values he upholds within one advertising spot. This is not a product story but a political poem about peace. The advert does not promote technical values but human values. The day of br

Lancia Delta - The model in brief

Delta is a historical name that represents one of the pinnacles of Lancia's motoring history, but also a mathematical symbol that stands for change, progress. Delta is a universal measure of difference, a striving toward excellence by exceeding a previous limit. Our entire strategy is underpinned by a quest for an evolved form of the Delta. So in this sense, the Lancia Delta is the first car to represent the new Lancia philosophy. An original and unique positioning, a blend of two values that

Lancia Delta

The Lancia Delta is born in the autumn of 1979, in 1980 it is voted “car of the year” by a jury of specialized journalists. The bodywork has a strong personality, the engine is high-performance, and the model represents a true generation leap, both in terms of the global concept of the vehicle, and for its engineering, style and quality. It's not by chance that the public finds in the delta excellent performance, care in the finish and the generosity of the materials typical of the great Lan

Lancia Musa

After its world preview at the recent Venice Film Festival, the Musa now makes its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the heir to a winning model which in three years on the market has not only achieved the ambitious goals it set itself, but has done so very convincingly (in 2006 and 2007 it was the best-selling compact people-mover in Italy). Today it is up to the Musa to continue the job, playing the same trump card as the previous model, and bringing the values of Italian hospitality to mo