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Lyonheart News

what happened to the 1700hp lm2 streamliner?

Do you remember when we announced that a 1700 horsepower hypercar will debut at the New York Auto Show? Well, it did, after the official press days though. The first thought that comes to mind is that the prototype wasn’t actually finished in time and this has caused the delay. There was even an official statement from Lyons Motor Car that the Streamliner will be available for public view during the consumer/public days of the event, because the “prototype wasn’t ready”. What we have found today at the o

lm2 streamliner supercar with premiere in new york

LM2 Streamliner is the name of a very interesting project that the visitors of the New York Auto Show will be capable of seeing. It is a supercar project by an American company called Lyons Motor Car. We have to tell you immediately that this car will challenge our perception of horsepower because it can actually produ

lyonheart k coupe and convertible – pricing and specifications announced

LyonHeart has just announced the prices and specifications of the luxury sports car Lyonheart K Coupé and Convertible. There will be only 250 units produced from these versions and they will be built between December 2013 and the summer of 2015. The delivery for the Lyonheart K is between 18 to 24 months, depending on specifications and body type, which the customer wishes. In February last year, the Coupe and Convertible of LyonHeart K were