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toyota avalon refreshed for my 2014

Toyota Avalon Refreshed For MY 2014

The Toyota Avalon is out with a new model year with several updates and revisions in an attempt to lure even more buyers. It is now wider, lower, and more aggressive, we suppose, because of the “tighter gaps between the tires and body.” There's also an Avalon Hybrid available. We can't talk in inches, but the overhangs are supposed to be shorter, the tracks wider, and the body even more aggressively sculptured. The drag coefficient will now stand at 0.28. With the slight update of the sha

toyota verso mpv 1.6 d-4d by bmw

Toyota Verso MPV 1.6 D-4D by BMW

2014 Toyota Verso MPV will be powered by BMW’s 1.6 liter diesel engine. The power unit will be installed on the 1.6 D-4D model. The Bavarian manufacturer has agreed to provide 1.6 and 2.0 liter diesel engines to Toyota back in 2011. 2014 Verso MPV will be produced in Turkey from the next month. The 1.6 D-4D model will have a 1.6 liter diesel engine with 110HP (82 kW) and 270Nm (200 lb-ft) of torque at 1,750RPM. The engine meets EURO 5 regulations with CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km.

12 months to toyota fcv production

12 Months to Toyota FCV Production

News from the future. The Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) is almost ready. The production model reveal is only 12 months away. Is this the beginning of the end of the hybrid car? Fingers crossed. What's wrong with hybrids you ask? Well, they are slow, unimaginative, their range never meets the expectations, their batteries are dependent on the weather, they take days to recharge, and, believe it or not, they are still sort of bad for the environment. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is the

2015 toyota harrier gets redesigned

2015 Toyota Harrier Gets Redesigned

The redesigned 2015 Toyota Harrier crossover SUV will be launched in Japan on 2nd of December. A hybrid model of the version is scheduled for release on 15th January 2014. The new model will include distinctive design and innovative features, quiet cabin, enhanced suspension and aerodynamic performance. It will offer its customers elegant and streamlined exterior and an interior that features innovative styling and expresses distinctiveness. In addition, the hybrid model will be powered b

toyota 86 sports car to be modified into rally version

Toyota 86 Sports Car To Be Modified Into Rally Version

Toyota 86 sports car will be converted into a thrilling rally vehicle by Toyota Motorsport in Germany (TMG). The team there will develop the rear-wheel drive vehicle into an R3 rally car. The aim is to make it available to private competitors. The delivery of the model is expected for the 2015 season. The modified v

toyota to make five global debuts at tokyo motor show

Toyota To Make Five Global Debuts At Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota is going to make five world-premieres of concept vehicles at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, which will start on 20th of November in the Japanese city. All of the concepts were created under the slogan “Fun to Drive, Again” which conveys brand’s vision of a future mobility society that values the joy of dr

toyota jpn taxi concept to debut at tokyo motor show

Toyota JPN Taxi Concept To Debut At Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota JPN Taxi Concept is Toyota’s vision for a new generation of Japanese taxi, which will be officially unveiled during this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The event will have its beginning on 20th of November. Despite the fact that there’s no “for hire” sign yet which is projected on the blue display panel a

toyota dream build challenge let's go moto tundra

Toyota Dream Build Challenge Let's Go Moto Tundra

The last vehicle to compete in Toyota Dream Build Challenge is called Let's Go Moto Tundra. It was created as a result of the collaboration between two motocross athletes - Josh Grant and Justin Brayton and Toyota. The modified Tundra is the ultimate desert sports machine. With some help from JGRMX and N-FAB, this Toyota vehicle now has expandable electronic awnings and TV screens, along with all motocross gear and attitude. As one can see the size of this Tundra is very unusual. The team kept the front half

toyota dream build challenge ultimate dream ski 4runner [video]

Toyota Dream Build Challenge Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner [VIDEO]

Toyota Dream Build Challenge Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner is the third entry in Japanese brand’s competition and its design is focused on freestyle skiing. In fact, it is all about the cold weather. For this project, Toyota has partnered with the athlete Simon Dumont and Oakley in order to enhance the 4Runner and make it more aggressive than ever but also to equip it with varios comforts. The Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner has an oversized fron

toyota dream build challenge camrally [video]

Toyota Dream Build Challenge CamRally [VIDEO]

The next vehicle in Toyota’s line-up readied for SEMA Show is the CamRally. The car is also part of the Toyota Dream Build Challenge like the Crusher Corolla. Under the lights in this case is the SNASCAR driver Parker Kligerman, who collaborated with Kyle Busch Motorsports in order to modify 2013 Camry SE into the “CamRally”. The exterior color of this Toyota vehicle is decided in the combination of red, orange and yellow. The other featured modifications here create a real, road-ready rally car. For instan

toyota dream build challenge crusher corolla ready for sema [video]

Toyota Dream Build Challenge Crusher Corolla Ready For SEMA [VIDEO]

This year SEMA Show will be definitely enriched by the participation of the Japanese brand Toyota. With the announcement of the company’s competition Toyota Dream Build Challenge several vehicles are coming to live and are currently being on presented. Such one is the Toyota Dream Build Challenge Crusher Corolla which is the result of the joint forces of BMX rider and Team Toyota athlete Drew Bezanson and Skullcandy. To the car were added cu

toyota sharpens 2014 prado range

Toyota Sharpens 2014 Prado Range

Toyota LandCruiser Prado which was unveiled more than a month ago is retaining its best-seller status ahead thanks to its advanced model upgrade as well as being one of the most popular large SUVs around the globe. The refreshed Prado will be sold exclusively as a five-door wagon due to customers’ preference for this body style. Other exclusively preferable features in this Toyota model are its off-road and towing capabilities. The new Prado also benefits from expanded driver guidance an