arden range rover ar 9 spirit v8 supercharged

Arden Range Rover AR 9 Spirit V8 Supercharged

Arden has unveiled their latest project – AR9 Spirit V8 Supercharged based on Range Rover Sport finished in Santorini Black metallic. The stylish SUV comes with a number of upgrades and a sensational price - €159,990. Arden AR9 Spirit V8 Supercharged comes with a complete wide body kit consisting of a redesigned front and rear bumpers, a new sidebars and extended wheels arches. There is also a new rear apron and a set of enormous 10J x 22” Dakar II rims fitted with low profile tires. The aerodynamics p

arden sport exhaust system - range rover ar 9

Arden Sport Exhaust System - Range Rover AR 9

Arden Automotive is now offering a high-performance exhaust system specifically for the Range Rover LG. The entire system is made of high-quality stainless steel and includes a pre-and rear silencers as well as sport catalysts. It not only result in epic soundtrack, but also a significant power increase of 25HP (18 kW). The twin tailpipes are made from polished stainless steel. The system has a flap control, so the owners achieve the maximizing use of performance. It is electronically adjustable through a sw

arden enhances jaguar xj 358

Arden Enhances Jaguar XJ 358

bAlthough the Jaguar XJ 358 is not a brand new car it is undoubtedly worth it when something exciting happens around it. Such “thing” is the tuning enhancing that the specialists at Arden have given it. Jaguar XJ 358 was produced between 2007 and 2009 and was the facelifted version of the X350. Compared to its predecessor, Jaguar gave the car a revised front grille that was positioned low, new front bumper assembly, a changed Jaguar Logo, revised front lights and door mirrors. The interio

arden range rover equipped with supercharger kit

Arden Range Rover Equipped With Supercharger Kit

The tuners at Arden have developed a special Supercharger Kit for Range Rover’s V8 SC Engine. The have gone under extensive development and testing which has eventually resulted in the creation of the power kit. The latter exacerbates the horsepower capability of the unit with approximately 138 hp (101KW) and 120 Nm (89 lb-ft) of torque. In addition, Arden has also applied a new Supercharger-engine made of high-alloyed aluminum in combination with an additional ECU. Of course, the vehicle is equipped with t

official: 2013 range rover ar 9 spirit by arden

Official: 2013 Range Rover AR 9 Spirit By Arden

Arden Range Rover AR 9 Spirit is ready to conquer the world. The vehicle is the latest addition of tuned models in Arden’s garage and comes to emphasize the clear and modern design of the Range Rover LG. The Range Rover has been improved via tuning company’s AR9 body kit. Thanks to it the vehicle impresses with its advanced appearance. To go further into details, the front apron contains two air entrances for a better ventilation of the air coolers. The air entrances are protected by the exclusive handmade A

arden jaguar f-type - more power and wind in the hair

Arden Jaguar F-Type - More Power and Wind in the Hair

Arden has revealed their tuning project for the high-anticipated Jaguar F-Type, which was introduced only several months ago. The drop-top gets not only styling, but performance modifications, too. The roadster gets power upgrade for the mighty V8 S model, which is boosted to whopping 550HP (404 kW), which is an

arden ar 9 - wide body-kit and modification package

Arden AR 9 - Wide Body-Kit and Modification package

Arden has presented two styling packages for the 4th Generation of the Range Rover. The tuning company enhances the individuality and emphasizes the contemporary appearance of the new Range Rover. The rims are characterized by classic elegance. The customer can choose between Arden forged Sportline wheels t

arden range rover ar7 special edition

Arden Range Rover AR7 Special Edition

Arden Range Rover AR7 Special Edition is the latest transformation by the Krefeld-based German specialist from Arden. They have put efforts on the premium Range Rover and made it look more individual and sportier than before. For this purpose they have equipped the famous SUV with their AR& Highlander premium kit. As a matter of fact this is an aerodynamic package, which comprises of entirely redesigned front and rear aprons, side skirts as well as handcrafted stainless steel-grilles with