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carlsson e-ck63 rs

Carlsson E-CK63 RS

No doubt Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG is the most dynamic business limousine in the brands range. Already AMG refined, the vehicle combines the irresistible 525 hp (386 kW) with very luxurious interior equipment. But for the high-end tuners from Carlsson this is neither dynamic nor luxurious enough, and that is the main reason for the birth of the new E-CK63 RS based on the E 63 AMG. For the Dynamic part or should we say Power part, the Carlsson engineers accomplished to boost the performance fr

Carlsson daytime running lights for the ML-Class

After the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and S-Class, the specialists at Carlsson Autotechnik are now ready to emphasize the shapes of the Mercedes-Benz ML-Class (type W 164) with their new LED Daylights. The new Carlsson daytime running lights (DRL) pack not only supports the appearance of the Mercedes all-rounder and guarantees perfect fitting and easy assembly, but also refines its design and enhances the safety of the vehicle by combining daytime running lights and fog lights. The Carlsson DRL pack fits the original

Carlsson styling for the new E-Class Coupe

The German specialists from the premium Mercedes-Benz tuner Carlsson are offering us new and fast styling programme for the new E-class Coupe. The new styling programme improves the sporty and individual appearance of the Mercedes Coupe by adding a lowering kit and a 19 or 20-inch light alloy wheels. The Carlsson sport lowering kit (approx. 30 mm FA / RA) is available from 239 Euro (plus VAT), and for the alloys Carlsson are offering us a chance to choose from the design - 1/5 REVO in 20-inch from 3969 Euro (plu

Carlsson 1/5 Evo UL for the G-Class - Lightest wheel for hardest missions

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is made for off-road use and can therefore bear enormous forces. For the Carlsson engineers this is the perfect possibility to demonstrate that their lightest wheel can also resist hardest wear. The wheel 1/5 Evo Ultra Light in the dimension 10x22 inches tackles an astonishing 1,100-kilogramme load capacity. The engineers achieve this enormous capacity with an elaborate forging process. Thereby, the aluminium is compr

Carlsson GL RS

The Mercedes-Benz GL (Type X 164) is the model with the most opulent dimensions within the entire Mercedes motorcar product line. With the new RS-Kit, the automobile manufacturer Carlsson now gives the GL a sporty look and at the same time, a powerful appearance. The newly designed front marks the most significant change. The front spoiler lip lowers the GL visually closer to the road. Therefore, the RS-Kit provides the large Benz with a dynamic character. While the large radiator grill and

Carlsson Daylight for S-class

After the successful launch of the Carlsson LED Daylight for the current C-class (W/S 204), the Carlsson engineers introduce the new combined module with LED daytime running light and fog light for the S-class. The Carlsson LED Daylight offers the facelift look of the just recently introduced model upgrading. The module with LED daytime running light and fog light fits all S-class models of the type W/V 221 from the years of construction from 2005 to 05/2009 except for AMG and AMG look. C

Carlsson daytime running lights for the C-Class

Carlsson has always combined individuality, safety and elegance. The new LED daytime running lights for the C-class continue this tradition. The combined module of fog lamp and LED daytime running lights harmonically supports the elegant design of the current C-class (W/S 204, except AMG/AMG-look). As a position light, an entry into the car documents is not necessary. Also the LED light and the low or high beam may be used simultaneously. Carlsson delivers the daytime running light modules at OEM standards

Mercedes-Benz E-class by Carlsson: World Premiere at the Tuning World Bodensee

The new E-class by Carlsson celebrates its world premiere at the Tuning World Bodensee in Friedrichshafen from April 30th until May 3rd 2009. With the new E-class, the automobile manufacturer has combined sportiness and elegance to a harmonic symbiosis. In former times, thorough-blood race-horses where bred at Gut Wiesenhof in Merzig/Saarland - today it is the Carlsson headquarter and production location for the new sportive Carlsson E-class.

carlsson sport-touring limousine ck63s with 565 hp

Carlsson Sport-Touring limousine CK63S with 565 hp

Carlsson unites two automobile worlds which could not be any more different: on the one hand, overwhelming engine power and on the other hand, the touring limousine. On one, a car trimmed for sportiness and on the other, a fully-fledged boot. Here, the coilover kit for top speeds on the race track and there, a comforta

Carlsson 1/5 Evo Ultra Light - Lightest 21-inch wheel of the world

Carlsson broke another world record. The automobile manufacturer from Merzig/Saarland developed the lightest 21-inch-wheel in the world. The 1/5 Evo Ultra Light weighs an astonishing 40 percent less than any cast 21-inch wheel. Additionally, Carlsson once again confirms that technically top-engineered products can also be top of the league as far as their appearance is concerned. The automobile manufacturer Carlsson who is specialised on Merce

Revolutionary: Carlsson light-alloy wheel 1/5 REVO

Carlsson breaks new grounds. With the wheel 1/5 REVO the refinder for Mercedes-Benz cars self-confidently presents a revolutinary design. Eye-catching provocative the new wheel design shows its double spokes with a rigid colour contrast in matt black and gloss-turned silver. The drawn design from the struts o

carlsson aigner® ck55 rs “rascasse“ – a sting in the tail

Carlsson Aigner® CK55 RS “Rascasse“ – A Sting in the Tail

Carlsson, manufacturer of special cars based on Mercedes-Benz models, and high fashion leather goods manufacturer, Aigner, are proud to present their third unique limited edition model in the short space of one and a half years. The Carlsson Aigner® CK55 RS “Rascasse“ completes the family, and is offered at a basic price of 228,500 euros . As with the first two automobiles designed by the Carlsson and Aigner team, the new model is also n