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gwa mercedes-benz ciento once

GWA Mercedes-Benz Ciento Once

GWA Mercedes-Benz Ciento Once is a one-of-a-kind modern revival of the 1970 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing prototype C111, which back then broke all the records with its revolutionary Wankel diesel plant. Never made it to the production line, Mercedes-Benz C111’s modern crafted version is born by the creative designed Arturo Alonso, the GWA owner, which made some exclusive yet careful changes to the original design of the ride and updated it with stunning nowadays details. The heart of the one-

gwa panamericana styling kit for the 2010 mercedes-benz sls

GWA Panamericana styling kit for the 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS

The creative Texas designer Arturo Alonso and his crew at Gullwing-America are ready with the first renders of a very interesting styling kit for the recently announced Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Clearly, equipped with the Panamericana body kit, the 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS looks more like its renowned predecessor – the cl